How it works

Use the slide show below to learn how MyKerio works. Click the arrows on the sides or swipe left/right to navigate through the slides.

Centralize monitoring and management of Kerio software

MyKerio enables users to monitor and manage their Kerio product appliances via a single dashboard. Each appliance is connected to an organization in MyKerio. Administrators can monitor and manage all appliances in one or more organizations depending on the permissions assigned. More information...

Easy access

Each product connects to MyKerio via a public API. Administrators access the MyKerio web-based dashboard to monitor and administer them from one place. This also doesn't require any additional logging in since everything is done through a unified login.

Get notifications

MyKerio allows you to get alerts and notifications from your appliances. Receive notifications about the status of your appliances, via email and/or via the MyKerio app on Android and iOS devices. More information...

Configuration backups

Your Kerio appliances connected to MyKerio are able to automatically back up their configuration and upload the configuration files to MyKerio. MyKerio stores the 5 latest backups for every appliance. Backup files are stored periodically as configured in the Kerio product. More information...