Adding and managing organizations

You can organize your appliances into MyKerio Organizations so that it's easy to see which appliances belong to different companies, sites, campuses, and so on.


An appliance can only be added to one organization.

By default, there is one organization in your MyKerio account named after the domain of your email address. After logging into MyKerio, you can create and manage your organizations.

Adding new organizations to MyKerio

When you first register with MyKerio, you have only one organization created for you.

To add a new organization:

  1. Go to Organizations in MyKerio.
  2. In the Organization screen, click the New Organization button.
  3. In the New organization dialog box, type a name for your new organization.
  4. Click Create.

MyKerio creates the new organization.

Managing organizations in MyKerio

  • Click to leave the displayed organization.
  • Click to rename the displayed organization.
  • Click to delete the displayed organization.


MyKerio deletes the organization even if the organization contains other users and appliances.

Switching between organizations

  1. In MyKerio, go to Organizations.
  2. Click the name of the organization.
  3. In the drop-down menu, select the organization you want to display.

Managing users in organizations

For more information refer to Managing users in organizations.