MyKerio app for mobile devices

The MyKerio app monitors the appliances you have in MyKerio and notifies you of any status changes. You can:

  • Check the status of your appliances at any time.
  • Receive notifications if the status of any of your appliances changes.
  • View system errors or other critical events related to your appliances.

Download the MyKerio app from:

MyKerio sends following notifications:

  • Update available
  • Low memory
  • Problem with mapped domain
  • Expiration of maintenance subscription or licence
  • Backup line active
  • Expiration of certificates

Using the MyKerio app on Apple Watch

To use the MyKerio app on Apple Watch, you must:

  1. Pair your iPhone with Apple Watch
  2. Download and install the MyKerio app
  3. Display the app on Apple Watch. On your iPhone, open the Watch app > MyKerio, and enable the Show App on Apple Watch option.
  4. Log into the app on your iPhone

Displaying the appliance status

For more information refer to Displaying the appliance status.