Requiring user authentication when accessing web pages

Kerio Control can require users to authenticate before they can browse the web. When this options is enabled and an unauthenticated user opens a non-secure website in their browser, Kerio Control redirects the user to the firewall login page. After the user successfully logs in, Kerio Control permits the user to access the originally requested page.


Before enabling this option, make sure you configured the Kerio Control web interface. For more information refer to Configuring the Kerio Control web interface.

To require user authentication:

  1. In the administration interface, go to Domains and User Login > Authentication Options.

Configuring user authentication

  1. Select Always require users to be authenticated when accessing web pages.
  2. (Optional) If Kerio Control connects to Active DirectoryA directory service for Windows domain networks., you can select Enable automatic authentication using NTLMNT LAN Manager - Security protocols that provide authentication for Windows networks.. In this case, the web browser automatically authenticates the user via NTLM. For more information refer to Automatic user authentication using NTLM.
  3. Click Apply.