Filtering MAC addresses

Kerio Control allows filtering by hardware addresses (MAC addresses). Filtering by MAC addresses ensures that specific devices can be allowed or denied, regardless of their IP Address.

Configuring the filter

  1. In the administration interface, go to Security Settings.
  2. On the MAC Filter tab, select Enable MAC Filter.
  3. Select the network interface where the MAC filter will be applied (usually LANLocal area network - A network that connects computers and other devices in a small area.).
  4. Select the filter mode:
  1. Add MAC addresses to the list. You can use the following separator in the MAC addresses:
  • colons (e.g.: a0:de:bf:33:ce:12)
  • dashes (e.g.: a0-de-bf-33-ce-12)
  • no separators (a0debf33ce12)
  1. Double check that listed addresses are correct.
  2. Click Apply.

Your filter is fully configured and active.