Saving configuration to FTP server

Kerio Control can automatically backup and upload the configuration files to your FTPFile Transfer Protocol - Protocol for transferring computer files from a server. server every day.

Each backup includes:


To configure backup to MyKerio, read Saving configuration to MyKerio article.

  1. In the administration interface, go to Remote Services > Configuration Backup.
  2. Select the Enable automatic daily backup option.
  3. In the Service menu, select FTP.
  4. Type the username and password of your FTP server.
  5. In the URL field, type the location for backups of your Kerio Control.
  6. Click Apply.

Kerio Control uploads configuration files once a day.

For immediate configuration backups to the FTP server, click Backup Now.

Restoring configuration from backup

To import the files back to Kerio Control, click the Import configuration button, or use the Configuration Assistant.

Composing FTP URLs

You can use the following FTP address formats:


The result is: