Renaming user account

The following article describes the steps required to change a user's account name in the Kerio Connect server. For a variety of reasons, such as a name change after becoming married, it may be necessary to change the account name of a user. The user will have to use the new account name when logging in from any client and the default email address for the user will change to the new address (such as


It is highly recommended that you create a full backup before you apply any changes. You can make a backup using the Backup feature in Kerio Connect server, or by copying mailserver.cfg , users.cfg and the store directory. Please review this section of our manual for instructions on creating a full backup.


This process requires that you stop the Kerio Connect service for a period of time.

  1. Stop Kerio Connect service
  2. Rename the user's account directory in the store folder to the new account name. Navigate to the directory where user's mail is stored. The store location can be found in the Admin Console in the Configuration > Advanced Options > Store Directory screen. If Kerio Connect is installed on MacOS X or Linux, you will have to log in to the Kerio Connect machine as user "root". From the store location, navigate into the domain directory, e.g., mail/ Find the user's directory (e.g., jdoe) and rename it to the new account name (e.g., jsmith).
  3. Start Kerio Connect server
  4. Add the new user and delete the old user In the Administration Console (choose the option to NOT delete the user's mail). Click on Apply.

If the user uses a Kerio Outlook Connector, or a mobile device with ActiveSync account, create a new profile for the user in MS Outlook. In Entourage or other email clients, change the login information in the Account Settings and restart the client.

Because of the complexity of changing the folder sharing and subscribing files, it is recommended that you instruct your users to re-share any folders they had shared with this user and re-subscribe to any folders of this user.

If it is desirable to have future incoming mail that is sent to the old account to go to the new account, create an alias which will deliver any mail addressed to the old email address (such as to the new address (such as


All calendar events created before user mailbox rename will not be available for editing or deletion.