Managing Agent groups

The computer tree enables you to configure agent properties of groups of computers. To configure computer group properties:

1. From the computer tree, right-click a group of computers and click Properties.

2.(Optional) From General tab, specify name, type and authentication method for the selected group.

3. Select Agent Status tab, and configure the following options:

Option Description
Enable automatic agents deployment Automatically deploy agents on newly discovered computers.
Remove all agents Remove all installed agents from this group.
Change scan schedule Configure the schedule, when GFI LanGuard searches for new computers.
Scanning profile Configure the audit schedule; when target computers are scanned.
Auto remediation settings Configure the auto remediation actions to perform on all computers in this group. For more information refer to Configuring Agent auto-remediation.

4. Select Network Discovery and configure the following options:

Option Description
Check automatically for new machines in this group GFI LanGuard will search for new machines automatically.
Change schedule Change the schedule when GFI LanGuard searches for new computers.
Run now Run network discovery.
Scan OU recursively Recursively, loop through all organization units and enroll computers.

5. Select Attributes tab to manage the attributes assigned to the computer selected. Use the Add, Edit and Remove buttons to manage attributes.

Agent Attributes

Agent Attributes

6. Click Relays tab to configure agent relays. Relays enable computers other than the one hosting GFI LanGuard to act as GFI LanGuard server. This helps you load-balance traffic directed to that machine and optimize network scanning performance.

Agent Relays

Agent Relays

7. Configure the options described below:

Option Description
Connect directly to GFI LanGuard server The selected computer will download product updates and patches from the GFI LanGuard server.
Use relay agent The selected computer will use a relay agent to download product updates and patches. Select the relay agent to use from the drop down list.


Some options are disabled because they are applicable only for single computers.

8. Click OK.