Configuring Alerting Options

To configure alerting options:

1. Click Configuration tab > Alerting options.

2. Click the link in the right pane.

Configuring Alerting Options

Configuring Alerting Options

3. Key–in the parameters described below:

Option Description
To The recipient email address. Emails sent by GFI LanGuard are received by this email address.
CC Key–in another email address in this field if you need to send a copy to another email address.
From The sender email address. GFI LanGuard will use this email account to send the required emails.
Server Defines the server through which emails are routed. This can be either an FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) or an IP Address.
Port Defines the IP port through which emails are routed. Default value is 25
Use SSL/TLS encrypted connection Select this option if you have an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer Protocol) or TLS (Transport Layer Security Protocol) encrypted connection to send the required emails.
SMTP Server requires login Select this option if the SMTP server requires a username and password to authenticate.

4. Click on the Verify Settings button to verify email settings.

5. Select Notifications and configure the following options:

Option Description
Enable daily digest Receive daily report with all changes made on the entire network. Configure the time when the daily digest email is received.
Report format Specify the report format received by email.
Send an email on new product news Receive an email containing new product news.

6. Click OK.