Deploying Agents

To deploy GFI LanGuard Agents on network computers:

1. Launch GFI LanGuard.

2. From the Home menu, select Manage Agents. Alternatively, click Configuration tab > Agents Management.

Manage agents

3. From Common Tasks, click Deploy Agents to select the target scan computers and click Next. Select one of the options described below:

Option Description
Local Domain Deploy agents on all reachable computers within the same workgroup / domain where GFI LanGuard is installed. No further configuration is required in Define target step.
Custom Deploy agents on specific computers or group of computers. Add new rules to search or specify target scan computers.

4. If Custom option is selected, click Add new rule and select the Rule type described below:

Rule type Description
Computer name is Manually enter a computer name or import the names from a saved text (.txt) file. Click Select and manually select computers from the list, or click Import and specify the text file location.
Domain name is Select domains from the list of reachable domains.
Organization unit is

Select computers from one or more reachable organization units. Use the following options:

  • Retrieve – Specify the user name and password to retrieve the list
  • Refresh – Refresh the list of domains and Organization Units
  • Add – Manually add an Organization Unit.

Repeat step 4 for each rule. Once completed, click OK.

5. From Deploy Agents dialog, click Next.

6. (Optional) Select Authenticate using checkbox to specify alternate credentials.

7. (Optional) Click Advanced Settings, and configure the settings in the following tabs:

Tab Description
General Configure the schedule for when GFI LanGuard automatically scans for new machines in the network perimeter where agents are enabled.
Audit Schedule Configure how often the agent audits the host computer (where the agent is installed). Select the recurrence pattern, the time the audit will start and the scan profile to use.
Auto remediation

Configure GFI LanGuard to automatically download and install missing patches and service packs. Uninstall unauthorized applications on the scanned computers. For more information refer to Automatic Remediation.

8. Click Next and Finish to complete agent deployment.