Agents settings

To configure additional agents’ settings:

1. From Configuration tab, select Agents Management.

2. Click Agents Settings.

Agent Settings - General tab

3. Configure the options described below:

Option Description
Auto uninstall Set the number of days after which GFI LanGuard Agents automatically uninstall themselves if the host computer is unresponsive for the set period of days.
Agents report using Configure the port and IP address used by agents to communicate and report status to GFI LanGuard. When GFI LanGuard machine has multiple IP addresses and Default setting is selected, GFI LanGuard automatically selects the IP address to use.

Agent Settings - Update Timeframe tab

  1. Specify the timeframe in which agents are allowed to download updates.
  2. Click OK to save and close dialog.

Agent Settings - Advanced tab

  1. (Optional) Click Advanced tab and select Create temporary custom share. When this option is enabled and administrative shares are disabled on agent machines, GFI LanGuard creates a temporary shared folder for transferring information.
  2. Click OK to save and close dialog.


Communication on TCP port 1072 must be enabled in Windows firewall for GFI LanGuard Agents to send data to GFI LanGuard.