Configuring Autodiscover in Kerio Connect

Autodiscover simplifies the configuration of desktop applications and mobile devices that support communication using Microsoft Exchange or other web based protocols. By supporting automatic discovery users can setup accounts by themselves as the application requires only to specify an email address and password. The application uses autodiscover to obtain all other parameter associated with the account. Applications supporting Autodiscover include:

  • Kerio Connect Client desktop application
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • macOS applications
  • Most mobile devices implementing Exchange Activesync
  • Spark App for iOS

Autodiscover uses several methods to locate the responsible server for an email address (refer to the Microsoft Documentation for full details). After locating the responsible server for an email address, the application opens a secure connection to the mail server to download an XML file containing the connection parameters for the mailbox account.


Verify the following in your configuration to ensure proper operation of the Autodiscover process:

Configuring SRV for Autodiscover

The most reliable method of Autodiscover uses a Service record (SRV). Service records for Autodiscover consist of the following parameters and values:

Parameter Value
Service _autodiscover
Protocol _tcp
Name (your email domain name)
Priority 0
Weight 5
Port 443
Target (your Kerio Connect server's Internet hostname)

Example configuration using DNS manager


You can verify your Autodiscover configuration using the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer.