How GFI EndPointSecurity works

GFI EndPointSecurity is the solution that helps you maintain data integrity by preventing unauthorized access and transfer of content to and from the following devices or connection ports:

  • USB Ports (example: Flash and Memory card readers, pen drives)
  • Firewire ports (example: digital cameras, Firewire card readers)
  • Wireless data connections (example: Bluetooth and Infrared dongles)
  • Floppy disk drives (internal and external)
  • Optical drives (example: CD, DVD)
  • Magneto Optical drives (internal and external)
  • Removable USB hard-disk drives
  • Other drives such as Zip drives and tape drives (internal and external).

Through its technology, GFI EndPointSecurity enables you to allow or deny access and to assign ‘full’ or ‘read only’ privileges to:

With GFI EndPointSecurity you can also record the activity of all devices or connection ports being used on your target computers (including the date/time of usage and by whom the devices were used).

Devices are controlled through an agent that is automatically installed as a service on the machines in your network. This agent delivers protection even against users with admin rights, enabling IT admins to remain in control no matter what. For more information refer to GFI EndPointSecurity Components.