GFI EndPointSecurity Components

When you install GFI EndPointSecurity, the following components are set up:

GFI EndPointSecurity Management Console

Through the Management Console, you can:

  • Create and manage protection policies and specify which device categories and connectivity ports are to be controlled
  • Remotely deploy protection policies and agents on to your target computers Grant temporary access to target computers to use specific devices
  • View the device protection status of every computer that is being monitored
  • Carry out scans on target computers to identify devices currently or previously connected
  • Check logs and analyze what devices have been connected to every network computer
  • Keeps track of which computers have an agent deployed and which agents need to be updated.

GFI EndPointSecurity Agent

The GFI EndPointSecurity agent is a client-side service responsible for the implementation of the protection policies on target computers. This service is automatically installed on the remote network target computer after the first deployment of the relevant protection policy through the GFI EndPointSecurity management console. Upon the next deployments of the same protection policy, the agent will be updated and not re-installed. For more information refer to How to install the GFI EndPointSecurity Agent.