Salesforce integration with Kerio Operator


Lightning Experience from Salesforce doesn't allow the settings described below. Switch to Salesforce Classic to complete the configuration.

Kerio Operator App for Salesforce is based on Call Center. The Call Center is an application embedded in Salesforce and integrates Salesforce with Kerio Operator. For more information about Call Centers, go to

Kerio Operator App for Salesforce enables:

  • Click-to-dial.
  • Displaying contacts, accounts and leads during the call.
  • Logging calls into Salesforce.

To use Kerio Operator App for Salesforce, install the application. You can download it from Kerio Operator administration interface.

Kerio Operator supports:

This topic helps you to install and configure Kerio Operator App for Salesforce. For more information refer to Using Kerio Operator App for Salesforce.

Configuring Kerio Operator

Add the Salesforce hostname to Kerio Operator and download Call Center Definition for Salesforce.

  1. In the administration interface, go to Integration.
  2. In the Salesforce integration section, click Configure.
  3. Login to your Salesforce and copy the Salesforce hostname. Paste the hostname to Salesforce hostname in Kerio Operator.

  1. Check if the Kerio Operator's hostname is complete. If the field is empty, type a correct Kerio Operator's hostname.
  2. Save the settings.

  1. Click Download Call Center Definition.


The communication is based on HTTPS by default. Verify that port 443 is open in both directions and make sure that the hostname of the SSLSecure Sockets Layer - A protocol that ensures integral and secure communication between networks. certificate matches the Kerio Operator hostname. For more information refer to Configuring SSL certificates.


Configuration is divided into three steps:

Configuring number transformation for calls from Salesforce

To make calling via Kerio Operator App for Salesforce easy, add number transformations which ensure that numbers are dialed correctly from Salesforce.

For more information refer to Using number transformation.

Configuring outgoing prefixes

You can also configure prefixes in Kerio Operator Call Center. However, number transformation is recommended.

  1. Go to Kerio Operator Call Center.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Change prefixes in the Dialing Options section.
  4. Click Save.

Prefixes are the same for Kerio Operator and Salesforce now.