This section contains information about:

Phone provisioning

Configuring automatic phone provisioning

Provisioning of Kerio Operator Softphone

Accessing company contacts through LDAP

Using provisioning tools

Editing provisioning templates

Displaying your company logo on provisioned phones

Configuring phone provisioning on Polycom phones

Wrong detection of CISCO phones

Uploading configuration files to TFTP server


Creating user accounts

Creating extensions

Configuring multiple registration of an extension


Mapping external and internal numbers

Displaying, hiding and overriding phone numbers

Setting emergency numbers

Using number transformation

Adding area codes to called numbers

Call settings

Bandwidth used by the different codecs

Using Opus codec for Kerio Phone

Redirecting calls

Blocking incoming calls in Kerio Operator

Disabling computer calls for Kerio Phone

Disabling outgoing calls to countries or regions

Video calling in Kerio Operator

PBX services

Using PBX services

Configuring music on hold

Configuring voicemail

Configuring and using call parking

Configuring and using conferences

Configuring auto attendant scripts

Time conditions in auto attendant scripts

Day/night mode in auto attendant scripts

Configuring call pickup

Configuring call queues


Securing Kerio Operator

Configuring SSL certificates

Configuring NAT

Server settings

Language settings in Kerio Operator

Configuring Built-in DHCP server

Configuring parameter 66 in DHCP server

Configuring server date, time and time zone

Configuring standard phone interfaces

Connecting Kerio Operator to directory service

Connecting multiple Kerio Operators

Routing calls between multiple servers and PSTN

Creating and using speed dial

Creating ringing groups

Customization of voice sets

Customizing the Kerio Phone login page

Distinctive ringing support

Fax support in Kerio Operator

Hosting Kerio Operator

Integrating Kerio Connect and Kerio Operator

Setting optional call recording

Setting outgoing calls constraints

Tips for Apple iPad

Using paging groups and services

Configuring Click to Call in Kerio Connect