Installing Kerio Control Box through MyKerio

This article describes how to add Kerio Control Box to MyKerio and complete the registration process and basic configuration of the box.

The advantage of this process is that a technician can perform the installation remotely. A nontechnical assistant located onsite can switch on and connect the box to the network, and the technician can then add the box to MyKerio and manage it.

If you have the software or virtual appliance version of Kerio Control, you can add the appliance from the web administration interface. For more information refer to Adding Kerio Control to MyKerio.


To add Kerio Control Box to MyKerio, you need:

Adding a new Kerio Control Box to MyKerio

To add Kerio Control Box to MyKerio, you can do either of the following:


Verify that the box can reach MyKerio. If the Internet provider does not provide a DHCP server, Kerio Control Box cannot obtain its IP address, so you must configure it manually.

For more information, see Configuring network interfaces.

To add a new Kerio Control Box:

  1. Log in to MyKerio.
  2. In the Appliances section, click Add new appliance.
  3. In the Add a New Appliance dialog box, type the license and serial numbers of the appliance.
  4. Click Find this appliance.

Activate the license:

  1. In the Activate Your License dialog box, verify the Kerio Control Box type and IP address (if available), and type the company name, if necessary.
  2. Select your location from the Country drop-down list.
  3. Read and confirm Privacy Policy Terms and with End User License Agreement.
  4. Click Next.

Configure the local administrator account:

  1. In the Set Up the Appliance dialog box, type the password for the Kerio Control Box administrator's account (username Admin).
  2. In the Administrator email field, type the administrator's address. Kerio Control associates this address with the default Kerio Control admin account, so that, for example, the admin can get automatic system alerts form the appliance. You can change the address later.
  3. (Optional) Select Send email alerts to administrator. From now on, Kerio Control includes the predefined alerts group in the Accounting and Monitoring > Alert Settings (see screenshot below). For more information, see Using alert messages.

  1. (Optional) Select Allow Kerio Control to send anonymous usage statistics to Kerio Technologies. This information helps Kerio understand how organizations use our products so that we can decide how best to improve them. Statistics do not include any confidential data (passwords, email addresses, etc.), and you can disable this option at any time under Advanced Options > Updates.
  2. Click Next.

Assign the appliance a name and organization:

  1. In the Add the Appliance to MyKerio dialog box, type a name for the appliance.
  2. If you have more than one organization, use the Organization drop-down list to assign the appliance correctly.
  3. Click Finish.

After you successfully connect the appliance you can see it in the Appliances section. Wait one or two minutes until the appliance is shown as Up (green).

Self-provisioning in MyKerio

MyKerio allows you to add an appliance even before you connect it to the Internet for the first time. You can then configure, for example, shared definitions for the offline appliance. When you later connect the appliance to the Internet, MyKerio self-provisions it and uses the pre-configured settings.


The license of your appliance starts the day you make the first reservation.

To add an offline appliance and create a reservation for the appliance in MyKerio:

  1. Retrieve the serial number from Kerio Online Store.
  2. Log in to MyKerio.
  3. Add the new appliance.

After you make the reservation, the appliance is shown as Not yet connected (grey).


The reservation expires in seven days. Connect the appliance to the Internet before that to self-provision it via MyKerio.

Once you successfully connect the appliance to the Internet, wait one or two minutes until the appliance is shown as Up (green).

Retrieving your serial numbers from Kerio Online Store

To retrieve your serial number from Kerio Online Store:

  1. Log in to Kerio Online Store.
  2. Go to Kerio Licenses > License status.

  1. Type the license number of the hardware appliance.
  2. In the Search type field, select All numbers.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Find the serial number in the Search results section.