Insider Program

The GFI Insider Program is a like-minded group of individuals that want to be a part of the ongoing process of improving the features, functionality, and value of GFI Products.

Through the GFI Insider portal, you can connect with people who share a passion for technology and enjoy the mutually beneficial exchange of thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. Insiders get previews and first looks at upcoming GFI product releases and gain access to the latest product builds. They also participate in real-time roadmap discussions with engineering and product management teams.

Insider Program interface

The Insider group works following the same structure of any Google group. Once you join the group, you receive an email when new posts are added, and you can reply to any post.

To access the Insider Program:

  1. Login to GFI Partner Portal.
  2. Go to Product Resources > Become an insider.
  3. Click Become an Insider.
  4. Click Join group to post.
  5. Select a theme from the discussion categories to see the posts.