Opening a support case

If you are experiencing issues with your GFI product, you can open and manage a support case in the GFI Accounts Portal.

For more information refer to Managing open support cases.


To avoid delays, make sure to provide your license key or account number with your support request.

Before you open a new case

  • Research the online help and knowledge base for information about known issues and similar problems. See
  • Ensure you are using the latest build available for your product. New releases have hotfixes and improvements that may solve your issue.
  • For issues related to upgrades, consult the GFI Upgrade Center. See

Opening a new case

To open a new case with support:

  1. Login to the GFI Accounts Portal.
  2. Go to Support and click Contact Support.
  3. Click Log a Case.

Support request form

  1. The form loads your contact details automatically. Check if they are correct. To make changes you need to edit your account details. For more information refer to Editing accounts details.
  2. Fill in the following fields:
Field Description
GFI Product Select your GFI product from the list.
Version Select the version of your GFI product.
Subject Enter a subject that summarizes the problem. The description should be short yet complete.
Security Level

Select the option that better describe the impact of the problem on your business:

Urgent. Problem is affecting the core business.

High. Problem is affecting certain areas related to the business operations.

Normal. Problem is slowing down certain business operations.

Low. Problem is causing some inconveniences to business or some questions need to be answered.

Ticket Type Select the option that better describe the field that your issues is related to. Options may differ according to the product.
Country Select a country from the list. This information is useful to assign your case to technicians that work in your same time zone.
License key Enter the license key of the GFI product. It is important that your support request form contains either the license key on your account number to verify the validity of your SMA.
Model When using a hardware product, select the model of the appliance used.
Build Build number of GFI Product installed.
Installed Operating System Operating System in which the GFI Product is installed.

Give a detailed account of your problem. Try to answer the following questions:

  • What is the main issue?
  • When did the problem start?
  • Any changes in the environment around the time the problem started? Software or hardware updates, installation of third-parties software, etc.
  • Any step already tried to solve the problem?
Steps to Reproduce Describe how the support team can reproduce the problem. Prepare a step by step procedure that the support team can follow.
Actual Results What are the results you obtained when following the steps to reproduce the issue?
Expected Results What are the results that you expect to achieve when following the steps to reproduce?
Contains personally identifiable info? Select Yes, if there is any data that could be used to identify people that work for your company. Such cases will be treated under our data protection policy.
Add attachments Click the link to attach screenshots or a set of log files collected.
  1. Click Submit.