Planning GFI OneGuard deployment

When planning to install GFI OneGuard in your environment, there are various considerations that affect how the software gets deployed, such as network segmentation and size.

Choose your environment specifications in the form below to help you deploy GFI OneGuard in your organization. Note that the recommendations shown on this page are for guidance purposes only, and it is recommended to follow the other topics in this help system for more detailed information.

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What is the approximate number of Windows devices that will be managed by GFI OneGuard?

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Do you have an existing database server?

Question 3

Are the devices to manage distributed over multiple geographical sites?

Recommended deployment notes


Install GFI OneGuard on a server within your network in Typical mode, where it can discover and communicate with all devices in your organization.

Apart from the main GFI OneGuard installation, other Controllers are required on the network to manage the number of devices specified. Ensure that each ControllerA GFI OneGuard component automatically discovers devices connected to the network, acting as a relay that channels communications between Agents and Platform. manages no more than 1,000 devices.

Install a Controller on other geographical sites so that communications between the Controller and the AgentsA GFI OneGuard component that runs as a background service on target devices and handles the deployment of patches, service packs and software updates. are done within each individual site, minimizing communications over the internet.

Database server

You may use GFI OneGuard with your current database server. While running the post-installation wizard, add your database connection settings in the Database Setup step.

SQL Express can only be used in environments with up to 500 devices.

Your current database server is currently not supported.

GFI OneGuard requires a database server to store information retrieved from scans, audits, notifications, configuration and services data.

Since your total number of devices is less than 500, you may use the Microsoft SQL LocalDB that is included with the GFI OneGuard installer.

Set up a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 or a newer version, or a Microsoft AzureMicrosoft cloud provider. It allows users to host operating systems, databases and devices in the cloud. SQL, since these two servers can handle the number of devices in your environment.

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Due to the large number of devices, it is recommended to contact GFI Software's Sales and Customer service to better assist you with your GFI OneGuard deployment.