Move binary files to the GFI Archiver Import Service

GFI Archiver includes a command line tool that moves all binary files of a database to the GFI Archiver Import Service Pickup folder.

To move the binary files:

1. Launch Microsoft Windows command prompt and change the directory to <GFI Archiver installation path>\MAISGFI Archiver Import Service\bin.

2. Execute movebix.exe as follows:

movebix.exe “<source binary path>” “<GFI Archiver pickup folder>”


  • GFI Archiver pickup folder - the folder from which GFI Archiver Import Service picks up emails and stores them in the appropriate archive store. The default pickup folder path is <GFI Archiver installation path>\MAIS\Pickup.


movebix.exe “c:\Program Files\GFI\Archiver\Databases\Default\Binary” “c:\Program Files\GFI\Archiver\MAIS\Pickup”


Binary files can also be copied instead of moved by using copybix.exe instead of movebix.exe.

3. Repeat this command for every database to be moved.

4. Email binary files from the source path are now moved to the GFI Archiver Pickup folder and processed by the GFI Archiver Import Service.