Searching the reporting database

GFI MailEssentials stores some properties of all emails processed in the reporting database. GFI MailEssentials enables you to search the reporting database, to find processed emails. To search the reporting database:

1. From GFI MailEssentials Configuration, go to GFI MailEssentials > Reporting > Search.

Searching the reporting database

2. Specify search criteria:

Search criteria Description
Start date & End date Select date range to filter emails from that period. Click Search.

Filter email address results. Key in number and click to specify conditions.

Total emails

Filter users by the amount of emails processed. Key in number and click to specify conditions.

3. The list of matching users is displayed. Click an email address to view detailed report of emails processed for that email address.

Reports database search results

4. (Optional) From the report, filter the data by email direction, sender, recipient or subject.

5. To export the report to another format, select format and click Export.