Benefits of using a script debugger

The benefit of using an editor is that it is safer and faster to correct and create working scripts. Using an editor will ensure that the script is functional prior to running the script in a working environment. GFI LanGuard Script DebuggerA GFI LanGuard module that allows you to write and debug custom scripts using a VBScript-compatible language. enables you to run the script as if in a working environment. The GFI LanGuard Script Debugger has all the common functionality found in an integrated development environment, amongst others it includes:

  • Breakpoints
  • Step into
  • Step over
  • Enables you to specify parameters for proper testing.


Running the script in GFI LanGuard without debugging is not recommended. If the script is not functional you will not be able to identify why the script failed. In addition, improper coding can lead to infinite loops which can stall GFI LanGuard scanner.