Sharing definitions across Kerio Control appliances with MyKerio


MyKerio applies Shared definitions only to Kerio Control appliances. Also, this feature is only available in Kerio Control 9.0 and newer.

MyKerio allows you to share definitions for IP address groups, URL groups and time ranges across Kerio Control appliances.

You can share definitions among all the Kerio Control appliances within one organization. You can:

  • Create definitions directly within MyKerio and share them across appliances within the same organization
  • Import definitions from an existing Kerio Control appliance and share them with other Kerio Control appliances within the same organization

If you create shared definitions in MyKerio that already exist in the appliance, MyKerio converts them to shared definitions.

Once your Kerio Control appliance uses shared definitions, you manage these definitions in MyKerio, and they become read-only in the appliance.

You can also create and keep definitions directly in Kerio Control appliances. These local definitions cannot be shared with other Kerio Control appliances.