Saving configuration to Samepage


Support of Samepage backups in Kerio Control ends soon and works only for Samepage accounts created before July 2016. Newer accounts can no longer upload backups to Samepage.

You can upload your configuration backups to MyKerio instead. For more information refer to Saving configuration to MyKerio.

Kerio Control can automatically backup and upload the configuration files to every day.

Each backup includes:

  1. Sign-up to Samepage for free (or use your existing Samepage account).
  2. Create a new page for the backup and copy the URL of the page.
  1. In the Kerio Control Administration, go to Remote Services > Configuration Backup.
  2. Select the Enable automatic daily backup option.
  3. In the Service menu, select Samepage.
  4. Type the username and password of your Samepage account.
  5. In the URL field, paste the URL of the Samepage backup page you created in step 2.
  6. Click Apply.

Kerio Control uploads configuration files once a day.

Only the specified user has access to this page. The section backup displays the link to the Samepage backup page.

For immediate configuration backups to the FTP server, click Backup now.

Restoring configuration from backup

To import the files back to Kerio Control, click the Import configuration button, or use the Configuration Assistant.