The Virtualization feature allows Virtual Machines to run on select Exinda appliances, allowing 3rd party operating systems and products to be installed. Once enabled, you can install any standard 32- or 64-bit x86 (Intel-based) operating system onto an Exinda Virtualization Partition (EVP). Most of the virtualization configuration is performed using the "virt" CLIcommnad line interface command. In the UI, you can see which virtual machines are configured and can power them on, off, or restart (cycle) them. You can also view the VGA console for each virtual machine.


Virtualization requires an additional license before this feature can be configured and used. Please contact Exinda TAC or your local Exinda representative if wish to use this feature.

The Virtualization menu will not appear if the Exinda Virtualization license has not been installed.

List of Virtual Machines providing ability to power on/off, power cycle, and launch the VGA console

The VGA console uses a Java-based applet to launch a secure SSH-based protocol to encrypt the session. You need to have Java installed and enabled as well as direct SSH access to the Exinda appliance in order to use this feature. You also need to authenticate with your username and password.