Using the Management Console

GFI EndPointSecurity management console provides you with all the administrative functionality to monitor and manage device access usage.

Navigating GFI EndPointSecurity user interface

GFI EndPointSecurity Management Console consists of the sections described below:

Section Description

Navigate between the different tabs of GFI EndPointSecurity management console. The available tabs are:

  • Status - Monitor the status of GFI EndPointSecurity and statistical information on device access.
  • Activity - Monitor devices used on the network.
  • Configuration - Access and configure the default protection policies.
  • Scanning -Scan target computers and discover connected devices
  • Reporting - Download or launch GFI EndPointSecurityReport Pack to generate your reports.
  • General - Check for GFI EndPointSecurity updates, as well as version and licensing detail.

Access more settings and/or information about the selected tab from section 1.

Left Pane

Access configuration options provided in GFI EndPointSecurity. The configuration options are grouped into three sections, including Common Tasks, Actions and Help. Available only for some tabs.

Right Pane

Configure the configuration options selected from the left pane. Available only for some tabs.