Configuring Agent options

This topic provides information on how to configure GFI EndPointSecurity Agent advanced options:

  • Main communication TCP/IP port
  • Deployment options
  • Agents control password.

To configure advance options:

  1. Click Configuration tab > Options sub-tab.
  2. From Configure, right-click Advanced Options node and select Modify advanced options....

Advanced Options - Communication tab

  1. From the Communication tab, key in the required TCP/IP port number to be used for communication between GFI EndPointSecurity and GFI EndPointSecurity Agents. By default, port 1116 is specified.

Advanced Options - Deployment tab

  1. Click Deployment tab and key in the required Number of deployment threads and Deployment timeout (seconds) values.

Advanced Options - Agent Security tab

  1. Click Agent Security tab and select/unselect Enable agent control. Use this option to assign particular logon credentials to all GFI EndPointSecurity Agents deployed on your network.
  2. Click Apply and OK.